What comes to your mind?

What comes to your mind?

Lets play a game.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Indomie Noodles? What comes to mind when you hear the name Gucci? What comes to mind when you hear the name Big Brother? What comes to mind when you hear the name U. S. A? What comes to mind when you hear the name of one of your friends?

For my colleague, with whom I was speaking with this morning, Indomie Noodles to his father just represents “ounje omode” – (food for babies). And I’m sure for most people it is seen as so. Probably because of the comical/ kid contents in their adverts.

To Akin, another friend of mine, Gucci communicates Luxury. The other questions you can answer on your own.

It is safe to say that our opinions of a product are not entirely by default. It is largely a function of how the producers have presented and positioned it in the market against competitors, to the public and individual interpretations of these messages, cues and signals from the brand.

Although brand entropy occurs in the life of every brand/ organization, the top companies stay on top of the marketing communications via a host of several strategies and mediums, to continually keep the messages clear and the products features highlighted at all times. That way individual interpretations do not stray completely away from the intended product ideas, use or function, for which the product was originally created.

To get your target audience on the same wave length or thought pattern as your product, you should ensure that the right messages (stories about your product, attributes, quality) is communicated via the right medium (TV, web, radio, prints) to the right audience. (proper market segmentation).
A well positioned brand/ product gives a product a distinct differentiation/ perception in the minds of its consumers relative to its competition i.e. it defines clearly what your target audience should think, feel or recall when your product comes to mind as it relates to other competing products. It eventually serves as a tool for gaining competitive advantage in market place.

The most important aspect to getting your message heard is presenting your contents in engaging and aesthetically pleasing format or design. Without this, you can as well forget about having an impression on your target audience’s mind.

But of course like I always imply… A product must be in itself great (useful, good quality, durable etc.). All branding and marketing does to a product is, amplifying its features and reach.

Combine your great product with a proper positioning and watch your company/ organization reap the rewards in sales!

However, if you are still in doubt how product positioning works, compare your opinions/ thoughts about Indomie Noodles and Dangote Spaghetti? Does the same thought come to your mind?

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