How to create dynamic lighting in Photoshop

As concept artists, our job is to reach out to our audience and connect with them on a profound emotional level. One of our primary tools to achieve this goal is lighting design. For this workshop I’ll build a scene using light to create visual interest and emotion. My process is to explore the idea through thumbnails, then bring them into Photoshop for colour development and finish. I’ll rework the scene several times using different lighting palettes to create a range of emotional beats. Learning to do this gives each of us the ability to become a visual storyteller, much like a musician who can score an entire movie with its emotional highs and lows rather than striking a single cord. Read more

Improve your creature art, Aaron Blaise

It takes time, patience and countless hours of practise and Illustrator tutorials to master the art of character drawing. During my early days at Disney, while working on films such as The Lion King, Mulan and Brother Bear, we would go through hundreds of variations of character designs. Because these films were hand drawn it wasn’t too difficult to imagine how these rough designs would look in the finished film. Read more

How to paint a painful expression

Discovering how to draw various facial expressions is no easy task. And not using reference is a sacrilege as an illustrator! I’ve taken workshops with some of the most legendary artists in the industry and they are the first to tell you to get some sort of reference, even if it’s just making faces in the mirror. But if you can’t, there are some characteristics that apply to any creature with human-like facial features. Read more

How to create a bouncing building effect in 3D

Glowfrog walks through an explosive sequence for innovative children’s TV show Quarks.

Quarks! is a drama series for children that takes place exists in the forms of TV show, online hub, app, book and merchandise. It stars a group of teenage pranksters who can change the laws of physics, giving a a whole new dimension to childhood pranks.

“The main event is the series of short films each one about a different prank,” explains Nigel Hunt, owner and creative director of Glowfrog Studios, which creates the spectacular effects for the Screen Glue series. “They are shot hand-held to feel like real video blogs and use extensive computer graphics to show the outrageous consequences when our characters meddle with the laws of nature.” Read more

Creating Google Chrome Logo in Coreldraw x7

This Logo recreation tutorial shows you how to create a simple Google Chrome Logo in Corel Draw X7. Corel Draw allows you to draw vector based object that can be printed or use for onscreen applications. This particular tutorials shows specific ways in which you can use “Freehand tool”, “Ellipse tool” and “Curves” to create a dynamic logo.  Read more

Photoshop for Designers

Sometimes less is more. That’s a cliché, but it’s true — especially when it comes to tools. You wouldn’t use a chainsaw to make fine furniture, just like you might not want to drive a Ferrari on your daily commute. Sometimes it’s better to have a tool specifically focused on the task at hand, rather than the most powerful. Read more

HTML5 Canvas: Building the Dragon Age Interactive Story Summary

Grant Skinner did an excellent presentation at FITC Toronto on how he used Flash Professional’s HTML5 Canvas Document to create the “Dragon Age Interactive Story Summary” – an end user online customized interactive overview of choices they’ve made in Dragon Age games.  He is the creator of CreateJS which powers the HTML5 Canvas document type in Flash Professional CC. Read more