The thing about shortcuts.

The thing about shortcuts.

This morning on my way down to the CMM Academy, our Keke Marwa (Motor- Tricycle) had to come to a halt- by a traffic light. Yeah you heard right. By a traffic light with no officer in sight. One of the fellow passengers asked the driver, why he had stopped. “Oga move, there is no officer there.”I couldn’t just seat in silence.

So I urged the driver to have a little more patience till the light went green. He obliged. But not without hesitations.

My next statements got everyone in shock. If we as citizens of this country cannot be checked by a traffic light put in place by the law of land, then we cannot expect to act right when we get into positions of power.

I dropped an even bigger bomb. ‘All adults from 30 above should be killed, so young ones like us can re- shape the country.’ The lady up the front, turned to look at me and fired back ‘ You say wetin.. Make dem kill all of us?’ I said yes. Cos you all are the ones teaching us to do wrong and even encourage us like you did to this driver. Then I added, those who do not want to be killed should be exiled.

Maybe I did not mean those words, but it did pass a message across. We cannot go through shortcuts and expect right results.

Same thing applies to businesses. You cannot short- change a customer and expect repeat business/ sales. You cannot compete on price alone and expect to continually have healthy growth margin. Because your business would be susceptible to disruption by the next cheapest competitor. You cannot have only your interest at heart to the detriment of the successes of the others. You cannot promise jollof rice and deliver concoction rice.

There are no shortcuts to anything sustainable or lasting in life. You have to do the hard work. So what this means to your business is you giving real value to your clients and actually caring about their welfare.

Our Digital Design courses do not just teach you about design. We teach you the business aspect of design, how to go about monetizing it, Personal branding and basic Entrepreneurship Skills . We go even further.

Our Capstone project at the end of your Digital Design training, enables us group you inter- departmentally, so you can come around a business idea, and presenting it to our invited jury of industry professionals.

The Professionals would assess your Capstone Project for its uniqueness, execution, feasibility, viability and sustainability. You either get a certificate at the end of your presentation or we fund and support your group’s Capstone Project further into a business outfit.

At the CMM Academy, we are not interested in just your money. We are interested in your success. We believe, the best way for businesses to grow is for us (client & business) to grow together.

Businesses and individuals should give more, not take more. Businesses and individuals should have a little more integrity whether or not anyone is looking or knows what they are ‘wrapping up‘ in secret.

There are no shortcuts to lasting success.

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