The Labor Day Experience

The Labor Day Experience

Under the very beautiful Earth (sunny in some parts of the country while rainy in some others), our dear country participated in the Global Event- World Labor Day.

The spectacle was a joy to behold, well at least for the Governors, Senators and government officials all seated under the canopies of success as the employees (both state, federal an private) marched on under different banners and union.

The Ceremonial March past these officials are just what they are. A ceremony. It is when both level 14 and level 7 workers, Union leaders and clerks could all rejoice for some very brief moment, smiling ear to ear, and maybe the younger ones a bit shy like a new bride presented, as they display their new clothes and shoes for the occasion, before these dignitaries.

It is a brief moment before the main meal. An appetizer sort of, to whet your buds for the oncoming delicacy about to be devoured.

But don’t get your hopes too high though. In Nigeria for now, our jollof rice is not so tasty in comparison to Ghana’s. Nonetheless we eat because, there is not so much option on the menu. We even, smile, while at it.

Beneath these smiles however, are sufferings. Rightly put by Fela, the typical Nigerian is adept at smiling through pain, standing defiant in the face of misery. Suffering and smiling.

Across all 36 states, the customary protests and complaints were laid before the seated guests at the event, ranging from delayed salaries to non- paid gratuities and pension to little remunerations. They essentially blame government for all of their sufferings.

And the governors and heads of government, like husband cajoling his wife to “manage this N200 for today”,¬† rise up to tell these people what plans they have, reel out numbers and statistics¬† proving bogus achievements that do not correlate with realities on the streets and so on.

The cycle is non- ending.

The reasons for these hardship are multi- faceted. The government and all other external factors cannot be the reason for all of our individual problems. We have to look inward at some point in time. We have to create our own fortune.

And if that cannot be found while working 9am to 5pm, 7am- 6pm or whatever time you resume and close, why not start your own thing! Why wait and hope things would get better while basically doing the same thing!! You do know its insane to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result, right?

It takes you 10,000 hours or 416 days to master a new skill. It takes you 6 months to have working knowledge on any skill you want to monetize (for some even shorter).

When you realize how much pittance you make relative to what your boss goes home with, you’ll develop your own thing on the side.

This is not a swipe at anybody, but just word of advice for the wise.

The Digital World is staying for a long time, and there are several aspects you can key into. Don’t stay hopeful in a business your boss could sell tomorrow.

Learn a Digital Design skill to empower yourself both financially, economically and eventually socially.

The choice is yours if you want to participate in Labor Day under the canopy of success or protesting on the terraces of heat.

It is a red or green pill situation!

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