Started from the bottom!

Started from the bottom!

We know from time to time, the spirit is weak and the soul, deflated. We feel like sometimes, we just want to give up in the face of difficulties. No matter how much we try to push for that next step in life, we never seem to be able to reach it. Be it in our business or relationship goals, the resulting effects are demoralizing.

Only a few weeks back had a doctor jump off the highway for whatever reason. Perhaps debts? Who knows!!

But here’s the good news.. Nothing lasts! So your challenges in this present time are bound to pedestals to success.. Only if you take actions. Actions towards making your tomorrow better. For all you need are messages of hope, wisdom and a determination to succeed.

If that doesn’t steer you, know this.. Of the top 100 richest people of the world, 27 inherited their fortunes. The remaining 73 were self made.

Here are a few stories about entrepreneurs who have gone on to make mark in the industries due to sheer persistence, hardwork and creative thinking. The best part is that they started their businesses with no experience.


01 Colonel Sandars

Colonel Sanders started what would eventually become Kentucky Fried Chicken. He learned to cook when caring for his siblings as a child. And he held a number of odd jobs through the first part of his career, including his work in the Army and on local farms and railroads. He started in the restaurant business because he was running a local service station in Kentucky. But it was the chicken dishes he served that eventually gained the most attention.


02 Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel learned to sew not from formal education or training, but from making and altering her own clothes while living in a convent orphanage. She later started making hats as a hobby, and then selling them to other boutiques before eventually opening up her own.


03 Walt Disney

After serving in WWII, Walt Disney worked a few odd jobs to make ends meet. He had an interest in art and animation from a young age, but not any formal education or professional experience to show for it. He launched a few different animation studios before eventually finding success.


04 Mary Kay

The founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics did have some work experience, but no formal education or entrepreneurial training, before starting her company in 1963. She had previously worked for Stanley Home Products. And it was at that job, after being passed over for a promotion in favor of a man she had trained, where she was inspired to write a book aimed at helping women succeed in business. That book eventually became the business plan that she used to launch Mary Kay Cosmetics.


05 Arianna Huffington

Though she had appeared on TV and in the public eye because of her congressman husband and conservative-turned-liberal viewpoints, Arianna Huffington had limited journalistic experience before starting the Huffington Post. The website, now part of AOL, is today one of the most well-known news brands on the Internet.

While it can be said that these business owners took the rough route to starting up their business, they’ll have appreciated every help if they had gotten help with their business.

So herein lies the opportunity for every visionary and strong minded optimist who intend building streams of business to impart their generation, nation and World positively.

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Cheers to your eventual success!!


Credit: Small Business Trends

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