Why do people really become successful?

Why do people really become successful?

Ajibade could recollect when he was departing home to his new boarding school. His mother hugged him and held him all the while, sobbing. His father just stood back and watched the emotional scene unravel. His first son and child was now going into a secondary School far away from home.

The advice was pressed into Ajibade’s head “Koju si iwe e, ki o ba le ri ise daada. Ki iwon ba le di eyan daada. Ma ko egbe kegbe o.” (Face your study squarely so you get good grades and a good job. Do not keep bad company, my son)

Fast forward several years, Ajibade now works and has been been working at his company for close to 3years. His take- home pay within that time also increased significantly compared to that of his friends. He earned 200k monthly. A big jump from the starting pay he earned, when he first joined the company, which was 80k.

Then he calculated, if he works about 10 or 15 more years at this company, he’ll be earning close to N500k or 600k. He smiled.

I’m sure this story pretty much resonates with any Nigerian from  20- 40) Gen Y and millennial, who have been told to go to school, get a good degree, settle down and repeat cycle. It is what had gotten them ‘Success.’

The problem with this analogy is, he is just a passenger on the bus. None of the things that could possibly go wrong, are in his control. Times are a lot more turbulent than they were back in the days.

The boss could decide to sell the company, invest in a business that may likely fail and subsequently struggle to raise funds/ salaries or downsize due to economic hardships.

Multinational companies like Total, Ooando as well as across the Banking and Telecomms sectors are all either downsizing or underpaying because the economy is biting hard.

At Idumota, people get very good sleep at their shops than they do at night in their homes. And if you are going to be receiving 200k- 300k in today’s Nigeria, you better be expecting your KPI’s to be from the very depth of HELL. The Devil sends his love. (Pls if you do already, share your story with us o.)

The question is, is Ajibade’s dream sustainable or achievable while being in the passenger seat? Yes. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? Are the laid off workers less- skilled or not graduates with good degrees? Probably. Maybe or not.

So how do we go from here? Which leads me to my next question?

Why do people really become successful? (Which is of course a relative term, but the most common understanding is that your monetary wealth lasts through your lifetime and maybe for your descendants too.)

The answer is not because they got 1st class or studied engineering or Graphic Design or even got a ‘good job’. It is because they associate with the right people and are in the right environment. This is basic recipe for success. The very root and foundation for success.

At the CMM Academy, we not only train you to be a skilled and independent digital designer, we also unleash the business potential in you. We look at your ideas and explore them critically in every of our Design Courses. We also fix you to work inter- departmentally in teams, to come around a potential business.

We bounce ideas off each other in our classes. This is not just your regular Design School. This is a gathering of talented minds.

All of the successful and great business minds out there today nurtured their dreams and surrounded themselves with talents. Same as the boss you probably are working under. Yup. Yup, he went through that route to create his company.

So yeah, the advice our fathers and mothers gave us are pretty much useful, only when the economy stabilizes. And as it is today, the chances of you not being held up on any Lagos road are higher than the economy of Nigeria stabilizing, or at least return to the good old days.

Hence, the new school saying is, go to school, get a degree then get a skill, get inspired and CREATE YOUR THING. That is what every mother should  be whispering into the ears of their little children.

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