Less is truly more!

Less is truly more!

There are several times you must have seen a lady walk by you and all you’ll do is squeeze your face in disgust, muffling within yourself ‘ki lo de’.. And at other times, you’ll see another walk by and you’ll be like ‘woooo’.. Or times when you’ll feel over dressed just cos you see some guy/ girl simple, but well dressed.

The difference between both reactions could be as a result of several things ranging from color match (or mismatch), beauty (or the absence of it), composure (or disorderliness) and lastly simplicity (overdo).

Today we’ll explore the concept ‘Simplicity’ as it affects overall perception and design.

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase, ‘Less is more,’ no where is it more expedient, than in design. It allows you strip of overloads on elements, shapes, colors and texture enabling your content be the point of attention. It also gives your design canvas space to breath, calms the eyes as well as directs the mind down to the very essence of your message.

If you may, minimalist designs as they can be called makes use of the negative spaces on your canvas giving it a clean and organized feel.

Listed underneath, in no particular order, are 10 minimalist websites for your perusal. I’m sure it’ll get the message across.


1. Launch and Recess


2. Checkland Kindleysides


3. Bhav Mistry


4. Stephan Bühl


5. Guillaume Juvent


6. Studio Nifty


7. Uncharted Waters

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