Just jazz it.

Just jazz it.

As Dele alighted his vehicle, he saw this beautiful looking 5 foot 5 ‘yellow pawpaw’ lady from a distance. She could have been mistaken for TBoss. But only prettier. Because it was a sunny day and she put on a light and body hugging top that revealed her bust. He couldn’t help but gawk. He completely lost all consciousness of his surrounding, so much so he forgot he went out with someone.

“Taaaah”.. came the sound of Dele’s face as he was slapped back into reality. Adebisi was so visibly angry at her husband. ‘Mstcheeeew..’  She hissed while walking into the mall they intended visiting to shop for groceries, and maybe get dinner.

How could Dele have lost all his senses of awareness that he let his lustful desires overtake his sense of reasoning and responsibility? Adebisi inner voice asked.

Sadly this scenario plays out in our daily lives. They come in several forms. ‘How could he have bought this shirt, instead of buying that handout? How could she have bought this red gown instead of saving money for her trip?’ Why do we do make decisions even though we had other thoughts in mind or had no pre- conceived thought of it?

We may never know what the answer truly is, but one thing is certain. We are emotional beings. Our emotions override logic. They push us to go through on our desires in the heat of the moment. They can also make us buy on impulse.

Now, there are a combination of factors that contribute to making sales decision of some items we purchase; like the items we eat, wear, drive, live in. But what initially draws our attention to it, is the aesthetics. How pleasing it was to the eye just before you added it to the cart. Other reasons such as product quality, price, hype around the product etc. are what keeps keeps them in the cart.

If you don’t know by now, we live in the ‘attention economy’. And with ADD (attention deficit disorder) on the rise (projected at less than 7 secs for the very patient individual), your product has to have the ability to STAND OUT or forever be in the background. For many products however, that may be amazing content, reputation and/ or goodwill, catchy designs etc.

Believe it or not, what your website design and its layout looks like, your business card, product package design, company logo, organizational space or even profile picture does carry a significant level of importance in potential customer’s decision factor. In a study conducted, it was concluded that website quality showed positive correlation to consumer trust, an indicator of seller’s worth and ultimately sales.

It is known a fact that people love to look good and whatever is attached to them also has to aesthetically pleasing. People also tend to place more value on products that look pleasing to the eye. And, yes, people too.

Or why else would Kemen, in the midst of all the girls that were in the Big Brother Naija house, go to Tboss bed while sleeping and ‘be pressing her like eba?’

Make your product sought after in the midst of your competition; make people want to ignore logic to get your offering; make people want their hands all over your product. Give it a chance to be seen or talked about. Make people ignore ‘that’ (fill in the gap here) to then look at ‘this’ wonderfully designed product of yours; like how Deji lost track of everything as his desires were fanned.

The first step is a compelling exterior of your ‘product’, as it applies to your business. In other words, Jazz your product up with crazy packaging. ‘Just Jazz it.’


Only the design won’t save your product. Other steps matter too.


Image Credit: Studio Wellbrook

Model: Eku Edewor

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