• Why CMM?
  • How Do I Enrol/Register For Your Program/Training?
  • How Much Does The Training Cost?
  • What Is The Duration Of The Training?
  • Can I Pay In Installments?
  • Is 8 Weeks Enough To Learn Each Course?
  • Can I wait with the registration until the deadline?
  • Do I Need to Come Along With My Laptop?
  • Do You Train Outside Lagos?
  • What are the Instructors Like?
  • When Is Your Next Training?
  • How do I Locate your office

CMM is the intersection between traditional art and new technologies, where creativity meets innovation. It is a highly sought after skill by employers & employees. We collaborate with our attendees to ensure the benefits of utilizing innovative thinking and social technology would create new industries.

Helping you to understand how to successfully nurture a client’s career or even navigate your own way to the top of the corporate ladder is what we do. Aside from the quality of our training, we have an ongoing relationship with all our students/attendees as we keep in touch with them even after completing the desired course/program.

To register for our course/program, please click on the register link on our menu, click on your desired course and fill the Online Application form so that we can secure a sit for you and send you the most up-to-date information on CMM. You are required to select the program that interests you, and see how our focused training can help you transform your creative energy into a fulfilling career. On completion of the online form, you are required to visit our training center and pick up a Course Form and submit with a bank payment slip.

The training costs N100,000 per course/program. This includes a training guide, manuals and handout.

It spreads over 8 weeks – 3 hours for each program twice a week.

To ease payment, payments in two installments (50% down payment and remaining 50% by 3rd week of the training commencement) are allowed. To enjoy this benefit, please contact the Director of the Academy on 08111111051. Please note that receipts will be issued at the Academy only on presentation of original copy of banks’ deposit slip.

It is actually 48 hours over 16 days. A semester course in any university in the world at 2 hours a week over 3 months is 24 hours. So at 36 hours, this is longer than a semester course in the university. It is done in 16 days because it is easier for us. We start the course from the very beginning as we assume students/attendees had no prior experience.

It is recommended to register as soon as you know you can join CMM. The deadline is informative to the point that you know when we start evaluating your registrations. However, if you have specific needs, you can register prior to the deadline and let us know. We can accept you even sooner. Same is true about accepting registrations after the deadline. You can still register and we may still have a seat for you. The deadline is the date after which we start filling out the seats. Just so you know.

Yes it is compulsory for students/attendees to come along with their laptop as free up-to-date applications will be installed on their computers. Also, assignments/review test will be given to students/attendees on completion of each class.

We train only in Lagos at the moment and we have delegates from all over the country that attend our training. This is due to the quality of our training and our consistency. Since each program is structured twice a week, you can travel down – it’s worth it.

At CMM, courses are taught by industry professionals. Our instructors are required to have a minimum of at least ten years of real world experience, yet must have been a part of the industry for many years. Many instructors are still involved in the industry and bring back real world knowledge to the training hall.

Please click on the courses tab on our menu and scroll down to see our training schedule (Graphic Design | Web Design | 3D Animation | Photography | Computer Aided Design).

Please click on “Contact”  tab on our menu to see the Road Map for direction. Our training outfit is located at 20 Ezekiel Street, Off Toyin Street/Olowu, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Feel free to contact us anytime. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us via LiveChat or call us on +234 811 111 1051. We are available 24×7!

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