DS + BS ™

This brings together the practical digital design skill set and the competency of a strategic business innovation. Our team of experienced design thinkers and strategists would be facilitating sessions that would push the students/attendees to their limits, combining elements of creativity, business and technical prowess. We have engaged innovation, strategy and design programs that would transform their unmet dreams into a social brand. We collaborate with our attendees to ensure the benefits of utilizing innovative thinking and social technology would create new industries.

Through the power of DS + BS™ (Design Skill + Business Skill) , we bring together the empathy of a research & design firm, the analytical capability and financial competency of a strategic consultancy and the creativity and technological capability of a user experience and media lab.

Our Attendees

On completion of the program, our result will produce the best-in-class

    • Interface Designers
    • Interactive Designers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Web Designers
    • Multimedia Designers
    • Brand Builders
    • Business Architects