Delivering on brand promises

Delivering on brand promises

The eatery down the road “Iya Bisi” as it is called, put out  sign post with bold messages hung by the door just upon entering. Korede who had skipped past 2 eateries decided to stop over at hers, because she had the sign post at her door. ‘FOOD IS READY.’

Korede asks what type of food they have, and the attendant like a robot, reels off all the type of food they sell from memory.

Impressive, Eddie thought! Then he makes his order. ‘Errrmmm.. Gimme rice, beans, plantain and meat.’ ‘Oga rice and beans don finish, na only fufu dey’ and they just dey cook soup.

The next eatery was miles behind.

This scenario plays out a lot in businesses, as Organizations both big and small, make huge promises but deliver next to nothing, leading to a discord in expectations set by company and reality experienced by consumer.

As is more often the case, they are usually done via all forms of marketing strategy that organizations deploy in brand story telling to lead customers on. The results are scarred and unhappy customers with negative brand experiences.

Come take a bite.

Its not all negatives though. Brands can adapt and imbibe the habit of delivering on promises because the words we choose, images we use and colors we incorporate into our brand stories, may sway customers to clicking the ‘Buy” button, the first time, but it’ll never make them repeat customers if they are disappointed.

And that there, is where most brands miss the point.

As part of the CMM Academy’s brand promise to humanity and a way of giving back, we’ll be having a 2 day Digital Design Training from the 16th- 30th. The event is weekends only.

The best part is that it is Free for all to attend. Food treats would also be provided.

You can hold us to our words!


If interested in this event, pls comment with your name, phone number, and email address in the section provided below. Also kindly share with your friends by clicking on your preferred social media button right underneath.

The schedule of event can be found here.

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