How to create a bouncing building effect in 3D

Glowfrog walks through an explosive sequence for innovative children’s TV show Quarks.

Quarks! is a drama series for children that takes place exists in the forms of TV show, online hub, app, book and merchandise. It stars a group of teenage pranksters who can change the laws of physics, giving a a whole new dimension to childhood pranks.

“The main event is the series of short films each one about a different prank,” explains Nigel Hunt, owner and creative director of Glowfrog Studios, which creates the spectacular effects for the Screen Glue series. “They are shot hand-held to feel like real video blogs and use extensive computer graphics to show the outrageous consequences when our characters meddle with the laws of nature.” Read more

Animation basics: 5 pro tips for using keyframes

Animation basics: 5 pro tips for using keyframes

Learn how to get the most out of your keyframes with these useful tips from Rob Redman.

Animation is a task that lends itself to minimalism but by this I’m not talking about the action in your scene (although simple can be best there too) but in the keyframing of your action. It’s very easy to add keys to everything and you will soon be faced with a timeline that looks intimidating at best and unusable at worst. Read more