How to create simple business card mock up

This tutorial will teach you how to take a photograph of an existing business card and use it to create a digital mockup using Smart Object function in Adobe Photoshop CC

With some basic shading using Photoshop layer styles, mask etc. we will make it look like an actual photograph.

The techniques used in this tutorial can be applied to create realistic product presentations without all the hassle of printing and cutting out paper items. Read more

10 things to know about CMM

10 things to know about CMM

Like there are a million and one agencies, individuals and schools out there making strong claims about the capabilities and potentials, it is easy to get swayed by all their talks. One of the many ways to accurately ascertain or poke at their strength, is to do a background check on their “abilities.”

We’ve had schools that promise all but deliver nothing. One certain Donald Trump University comes to mind- with all its fame and campaigns run to create interest, traffic and awareness, it fell short on the quality of education, big time! Read more

Creating Google Chrome Logo in Coreldraw x7

This Logo recreation tutorial shows you how to create a simple Google Chrome Logo in Corel Draw X7. Corel Draw allows you to draw vector based object that can be printed or use for onscreen applications. This particular tutorials shows specific ways in which you can use “Freehand tool”, “Ellipse tool” and “Curves” to create a dynamic logo.  Read more