We bring back the real world experience to the classroom.

CMM Academy is a cause-driven training school that aids intelligent Nigerians to build indigenous ‘glocal’ corporations (that is, to build enterprises with global drive and local edge). Championing this drive, our program is designed to turn a generation of local creative-design nerds into innovative Social Entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to serving the needs and careers of our students/attendees by actively engaging the companies that make up the multimedia and digital design industry. Every course/program goes through an ongoing assessment and evolution, ensuring that students/attendees receive a training that is current and relevant.

This is accomplished through industry feedback and insight, and the specific guidance of groups of interface/multimedia design professionals, business developers and brand builders who make up Instructors for each of our programs. We are humbled by the success of our graduates, as well as the passion of our instructors and facilitators – all of whom contribute to making this what we think is one of the most unique educational communities in Nigeria. Today, people from all over the country come here to pursue their passion, create the art they love, and share ideas with like-minded individuals.

Moronfola Yusuf


A mixed bag of experience, currently the Creative Director at NakedStreeet Media. He has cognate and versatile experience, consulting for top clients using branding/advertising tools for more than a decade. He has gained an excellent knowledge in all areas of design applications and the internet. He is known for seeing beyond the obvious, creating and managing both new and established brands. He’s proud to be considered one of the top designers in Nigeria and achieved worldwide recognition for his works.

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Dipo Sofowora

Photography Lead

Blending fine art and photojournalism, Dipo Sofowora is a name to be reckon with in the industry. An alumnus of the London School of photography and the CEO of Dipo Sofowora Photography. He’s style of photography is a unique blend between fine-art couples portraiture and wedding photojournalism designed to capture the true events of the day as they unfold. The result is a more natural and candid style of photography & photojournalism that focuses on real emotions and relationships between people.

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Nurdin Momodu


Co-Founder Lotusfly Animation, Character animator at OrangeVFX and Anthill Productions. From his early childhood he was fascinated by cartoons and the art of animation. Nurdin has always been passionate about the theory and practice behind producing great imagery. Self thought, he specializes in 3D character modeling and animation. He is focused on helping students communicate their ideas, designs and projects to a range of audiences using clear, accurate and engaging imagery.

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Olusegun Adesanya


Segun is a pure animation maven. He is boldly creative and original in ideas. He is a multi skilled person with proficiency in 3D photo-realistic rendering for all prototypes and Visual Animation. His primary passion and purpose in life is creating tangible ideas and solutions that can improve the world of animation. He enjoys walking on the precipice of the vanguardian edge. Specialist in Design and Illustration, Television Broadcasting, High Quality Post-production, Visual Effects etc.

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Adewale Olaore


Project Coordinator, Exposie Interactive. He is a fun loving guy with a wide range of geeky skills. He provides highly customised, engaging and intuitive website design and development solutions that allow users to easily achieve their online goals. He is a great listener who work to de-mystify the process of getting websites online. His works range from small to medium organisations, government departments, educational institutions and large corporate companies.

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Adeyeye Elijah


Currently a freelance CAD desiger who has been in the business of drafting and design for nearly 8 years. Although residential architecture has always been his greatest passion, his experience spans from landscape planning, to custom furniture, to commercial interiors and more. His extensive knowledge comes from a combination of formal education, self-study, and hands-on experience.

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Solomon Edia


Co-Founder Salmonseal Ltd. He is an accomplished versatile visual artist with years of experience in motion graphics and fine art. Proficient in managing a large multi-disciplinary team to deliver complex projects. He combines excellent concept and strong visual skill in design presentations. His ability to take lessons learned in print and transfer into animated arena has been an exciting and tremendous journey. He currently facilitate the motion graphic session in CMM.

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Omoaregba David


Friendly, smart and brutally honest strategic business and marketing consultant. Presently at Le Convoyeur Ltd., he knows how to create dynamic growth strategies for brands and organizations by understanding and connecting with their constituencies. Strategic areas include new product innovation, target audience identification, brand positioning and message development. He has a background in Account Service, Market Research and Copywriting, and he is a master of taking seemingly chaotic information and streamlining into actionable insights that lead relevant and useful brand strategies.

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Gbolahan Alabi

Interactive / Multimedia Lead

Project Coordinator, Basement Multimedia. He is a multimedia designer and web developer with a tremendous professional experience. He specializes in web design/ development and flash application development. He has an extensive new media experience and knows the industry inside out. Having worked as a multimedia instructor in couple of institutes in Nigeria, he currently facilitates web development session at CMM and encourages the studio grow organically.

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Akinwumi Francis

Business / Resources Lead

Executive Director and Chief Information Officer at AvantGarde Communications. He has gathered vast experience in the field of Business Development when he was at Applause Africa where he held the position of Business Developer, Resources Lead and Creative Director respectively. He has avalanche of experience in social media marketing viral, grassroots marketing campaigns, social networking, public speaking, sales and strategic partnership. He has always been an un-quantifiable asset to the team.

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Aziz Sadiku

Brand / Marketing Lead

Aziz is an M.Sc graduate of the Hochschule Furtwangen University, Schwenningen, a Brand and Marketing Strategist and co- founder of Isus Systems and Bee In Fashion. Having noticed a gap in the Advertising Industry, he teamed up with CMM Academy with existing and outstanding resources to not exploit that gap but also help grow the Brand’s reach and presence.

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