10 things with Xstrata Consulting Agency

10 things with Xstrata Consulting Agency

After several back and forth, your preferred destination for all things Digital design and current/ actual state of things within the industry, went about town to catch with one of the players in the Advertising World. We were able to arrange a date and schedule to speak with representatives of the Agency in the person of Mr. Wale Olabiyi, (CEO, Exstrata Consulting) and Mr. Dennis Onifade (Head, Copy/Strategy) to shed more light on several issues we sought answers to.

To get started, we need to know a few things about the Agency- Xstrata Consulting Agency.

In the face of large organizational closures in Nigeria, due to the recession the country is currently experiencing, one agency continues to soar to lofty heights, raking in clients that have positive impacts on bottom line due to their exceptional services it offers and quick turnover of jobs.  The agency is none other than the award winning, Xstrata Consulting located in the industrial part of Lagos.

Xstrata coined from Spanish word “estatura” means (lofty) height, a term which is incorporated in every aspect of the Agency’s approach to business, as it knows that the only way she can continue to grow, is if it adds value to her client’s business.

Xstrata Consulting is a fast-growing, full-fledged branding, branding, design and strategic communications agency that creates brands through incisive strategies, original names, unique visuals, tangible experiences, practical implementations and comprehensive brand management services. It’s company, headquartered at Oregun Industrial Area of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

With a track record of creating world-class niche solutions for brands through innovative ideas, incisive strategies and unique executions, she caters to several organizations and have a great working relationship ethic.

It is no doubt a big feat for an organization with only 6 years of operation, Xstrata Consulting Agency has delivered excellent value on a number of accounts that cut across industries like insurance, banking, engineering, courier and oil & gas, among others.

Without further ado, here are 10 things that was unraveled from our interaction with the Agency.


Peculiar things to Xstrata Consulting Agency

  1. First, we are very big on creativity in both ideas and designs. All of our deliveries to clients have had “out- of the- World” design concepts and ideas that would leave you astonished. We not only make beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs, we deliver and go beyond client’s specifications, because we fully understand our client’s brief and their target audience, ask the right questions and do not compromise on quality.
  2. Second, we are known for exceptional efficiency and beating deadlines for delivery of jobs to clients.
  3. We have a unique way of going extra mile to please our clients and build enduring relationships with them.


Best jobs done

Well, it is difficult to pick two of our best jobs ever because we have executed quite a lot of excellent briefs over time. But to answer your question, we cite two examples.

  1. One of our best jobs was an Annual Report design for Leadway Assurance captioned as Thriving in EVOLVING TIMES to answer the brief for a theme focused on Leadway Assurance being stable in tough operating environment. The entire Annual Report was highly conceptual in theme, design and impact- filled in execution such that it became a sort of reference point for other clients to give us briefs for their own Annual Report designs.
Evolving TImes- Best design Jobs- Xstrata Consulting

Evolving Times- Best design Jobs- Xstrata Consulting

  1. The other job we present was a Press ad campaign done for Leadway Pension, themed 6 Laws of Retirement Planning. The campaign was for pension service and we were briefed to find a fresh way of communicating the essence of pension planning for working-class Nigerians. So, we created a concept built on similar platform as biblical laws of ‘Thou shall…” By the way, the campaign was first actually done on Calendar before it was adapted to a Press campaign for the year 2016 because our client liked the idea and public feedback also indicated that it was well received by the target audience.

Advice to Brand Marketers/Prospective Clients

  1. One important advice to brand marketers or prospective clients is that they should give every agency invited to pitch a level playing ground. This way, they can get the best creative agency to handle their accounts on merit.
  1. Another vital advice is that potential clients should look out for an agency that is very responsive and known for efficiency in meeting deadlines for jobs delivery without compromising quality or creativity. At Xstrata, we are known for this.

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Misconception about the Advertising Industry in Nigeria

8.  Well, one misconception about the Advertising industry is that, most Nigerian clients believe they should not be paying much for ideas and designs, but only production or media placement. The clients wrongly think anybody can write headlines and design stuffs in business centers. This is absolutely wrong. In the advanced world, ideas and designs are highly priced by clients and well paid for. 

Challenges in the industry.

  1. One challenge facing our industry is the non-payment of rejection fees when various agencies are invited to pitch for an account and only one is chosen at the end of the day. Nigerian clients are still reluctant to compensate rejected agencies who would have spent a lot of time, resources and money to make presentations.

Advice to potential employees, your criteria for employment and where to send their CVs/ portfolio for consideration.

  1. At Xstrata Consulting, we look out for highly creative, passionate and hard-working hands whenever we have vacancies to fill. Potential employees are advised to place gaining experience and exposure on the job over earning high salaries, especially if they are rookies or don’t yet have substantial agency experience in the industry. It is unfortunate that most young aspiring practitioners today just want to start earning big or fat salaries without having paid their dues first.

Employees looking to work with our agencies can send their applications to info@xstrataconsulting.com, while for organizations or brands looking to do business with us, the website to visit is www.xstrataconsulting.com. “


Words: Aziz Sadiku

Aziz is a Brand/Marketing Strategist with several years of work experience. You can send him a mail to get your agency featured on our blog or simply contact him at aziz@cmmacadmy.com


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