10 things to know about CMM

10 things to know about CMM

Like there are a million and one agencies, individuals and schools out there making strong claims about the capabilities and potentials, it is easy to get swayed by all their talks. One of the many ways to accurately ascertain or poke at their strength, is to do a background check on their “abilities.”

We’ve had schools that promise all but deliver nothing. One certain Donald Trump University comes to mind- with all its fame and campaigns run to create interest, traffic and awareness, it fell short on the quality of education, big time!

Bringing it back to the local – no name mentioned.. no pun intended-, we know schools (I’m sure you know one too) that are all fluff and bluff. Now because of our subject interest (creative design school), we’ll make it a lot narrower.

I guess what I mean to say is… there are “design schools” and there is “The Design School. But yeah, we’ll let the facts do the talking.


Here are 10 things to know about CMM Academy.


01. Hands on Training


Hands on Training at the CMM Academy.

Here at CMM, we have 1 policy. To get the students creating bespoke design as effortless and creative as possible, by focusing more on practice and less on the theory aspect. Sure, there’ll be a combination of both, but like the Implementation Lead and Graphic Design Instructor says “a designer gets paid on deliverables/ final design outcome, not the amount of things/ software he knows”. We are confident as attested by numerous students to get you making great designs from your DAY 1, at the CMM ACADEMY.


02. Access to Internship Positions


Internship positions to Organizations made possible

After completion of your design Program (Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Web Design, 3D Animation, Computer Aided Design, Photography) we offer our graduates the opportunity to intern at companies, design agencies for those seeking to horn/ test their newly acquired skills.

Because our graduates are that good, we get calls and requests from companies to have our students fill internship positions at their firms.


03. Networking Opportunities


If not the most important reason, it is quite close to it. We ensure that our students, based on the study time they choose, are fit for that category and have potentials. While no prior knowledge is needed to enter into our Academy, we ensure that students are properly motivated, enthused about design, are passionate, have ideas about what they want to achieve at the end of the program, amidst other criteria.  All of these sum up to being a good candidate for our design programs, and subsequently, an asset to people around him/ her. Also our weekend programs are strictly for those gainfully employed, for obvious reasons.


04.The Design School

Our Design Class starts Dec. 3rd 2016. (Limited Seats + Click on image to register)

Other schools which by nature started up as Computer training schools, but later added 1 or 2 design courses to their programs to attract more traffic and subsequently, income from tuition paid, don’t really have the passion or know- how/ skill set or touch with the industry to know what needs to be taught and not.

Other design schools that aren’t Computer training school’s at inception aren’t just CMM Academy. At our Design School, we have foreign trained tutors, industry experts and long standing professionals at your disposal. We are “THE DESIGN SCHOOL” to attend.


05. Employment Opportunity


Kickstart your career with a Design Program at the CMM Academy. Check out 1 or all of our courses

Every now and then, the CMM Academy employs its best graduating students, and in some cases offer employment to those who already are gainfully employed with other companies. Reason being that we spot and appreciate potentials or effort of our students. However, these employment positions are subject to vacancy or putting a strong case, as to why you should be offered a position with the ACADEMY. For consideration, send your CV’s or Portfolio to careers@cmmacademy.com


06. Fresh Tools


Noooo.. We are not stuck with Corel Draw 2, Photoshop CS 5, Maya or… We are so 2016, with all our tools and skill sets. You’ll get practical knowledge and use on the latest tool available in the industry, and relating industries as they pertain to your skill set. But yeah, the tools don’t really matter, it’s how well you can drive your Toyota Corolla 1992 Model in a car race, that actually counts.


07. Up to date Syllabuses

Whether Graphic Design, Motion Graphics in Lagos, Australia, Computer Aided Design in Ghana or Canada, Web Design in The European Union + United kingdom (you know the whole Brexit thing), our syllabuses compare strongly, side by side. You can be confident that our tools, skill set and curriculum are standard.


08. Interactive Classes


Our class sessions at the CMM Academy are completely interactive. Cool, right?

Not your typical lecturer to student, note down to student environment, our classes are highly interactive. Last week, we had to hurry one of our classes on students’ demand, so we could see their football teams in action (yup, we saw Manchester United v Burnley in class via the Academy’s free Wi- fi). The game ended 0 – 0 disappointingly. But yeah, we are entirely dedicated to equipping you with the skills you enrolled for, within the time frame of the program.

It is safe to also say that we have a FIXED program but flexible teaching style.


09. Advice


For brand marketers, we advise and shall continue to advice via our blog and Academy, about important questions you need to ask your Design/Advertising Agency because of our prior knowledge and also constant presence and interaction with the industry.

For our students, we keep contact with even after graduation to help navigate the industry, personal branding and packaging tips to get the maximum results from newly acquired skill sets.


10. Oh before we forget

CMM Academy is acronym for Creative Minds Maker, and we’ve had 357 design graduates and counting, who have successful gone on to launch/ establish themselves in their chosen fields. We’ve also had students who have been offered admission to foreign Universities/ Design Schools based on the portfolios they created while at our Academy.

We could go on and on.. But I’m tired or writing.. I’m sure you are tired of reading too. If you feel convinced already, please put a call through, do me an email or visit us at our Academy.


Words: Aziz Sadiku

Aziz is a Brand/Marketing Strategist with several years of work experience. You can send him a mail at aziz@cmmacademy.com 

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