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Our specialised training program
  • Graphic Design

    If you can imagine it, we train you on how to image it.

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  • Web Design

    We teach you how to design websites writing few codes.

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  • 3D Animation

    Animation is the strength of present and near future designs.

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  • Photography

    photography plays an essential role in fulfilling your creative vision.

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Welcome to this one-stop academy “Creative Minds Maker”, where we provide you a serene, conducive environment for learning and becoming an expert in one or more of Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Photography  or Computer Aided Design (CAD).

While everyone is busy looking for white-collar jobs, which are very limited and of stiff competition, engage yourself in just 8 weeks of creative practical trainings and you are on your way to becoming an expert, a self-employed and the next on the list of “creative gurus”.

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About the program

About the program

CMM (Creative Minds Maker) is the intersection between traditional design and new technologies, where creativity meets innovation. CMM provide students with an innovative style of education, delivered by a staff of dedicated individuals that addresses the career opportunities available in an ever-growing constantly evolving industry.

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Attendees may register online or pick a registration form in our training center. Please note that receipts will be issued at the academy only on presentation of original copy of bank deposit slip or transfer receipt. To ease payment, payments in installments (50% down payment and remaining 50% by 3rd week) are allowed.



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We are humbled by the success of our graduates, as well as the passion of our instructors and facilitators – all of whom contribute to making this what we think is one of the most unique educational communities in Nigeria.

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